Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wannabe Writers #1

Wannabe Writers is a weekly meme. It's a writing group for the un-published and anyone is welcome to join. It's a place where future authors can ask questions, share stories, and get feedback. Click (here) to find out how it works.

**Please note: I just found this and accidentally did an old meme question for it. I'll get it right next week for sure**

Current Question: How do you know when you're good enough?
People tell me I am a good writer but that's mostly because they've read my fan fiction and as we all know, FAN FICTION is a whole different ballgame. Fan fiction is so much fun but there are definite advantages to writing is rather than original fiction (something you came up from your own mind). 1) The characters are already created for you and 2) you have an almost-built in audience; meaning if people like the same fandom as you, they will probably read your work. Those things don't exist in the original fiction realm. Whereas I can get 50+ reviews for a story at, at I am likely to get 3-4. Its depressing so I always have to wonder if I'm good enough. I don't think I'll ever truly believe it but I want to believe it. I really want to publish in my lifetime as its a dream I've had since I was just a kid and writing stories about animals in my journal to pass the time.


  1. I've never dabbled in fan fiction before, but I know several people who do. :)

  2. Yah, writing a original idea is a lot harder!!